Long Term Care

Long Term Care services offered in Everett, WA

Long-term care at House Call Doctors of Pacific Northwest PLLC meets all of the needs of geriatric patients with compassion and respect. Experienced advanced registered nurse practitioners offer comprehensive long-term care services from our office in Everett, Washington. Book your appointment through the online scheduler or call the office nearest to you for help today.

Long Term Care Q & A

What is long-term care?

Long-term care focuses on the needs of geriatric patients. While every person is different, most people experience more health problems and challenges as they age. 

House Call Doctors of Pacific Northwest PLLC provides comprehensive long-term care services to help you and your family enjoy life to the fullest, without constant stress about your health or future.

What does long-term care encompass?

Long-term care at House Call Doctors of Pacific Northwest PLLC includes customized care for each patient’s individual health issues, goals, and needs. Some common aspects of long-term care include: 

  • Medication management 
  • Chronic disease management
  • Behavioral health care
  • Lab work and radiology studies
  • Care after emergency room visits and hospital stays
  • Minor medical procedures like laceration repair
  • COVID-19 testing and management, and post-COVID complication care
  • Urgent care for new illnesses, injuries, and health issues

The team can also help with advanced directives. An advanced directive is a legal document that details your medical care wishes, which is important to have in case of an emergency that leaves you unable to speak for yourself. 

In addition, long-term care at House Call Doctors of Pacific Northwest PLLC can help you to arrange for any in-home care you may need. They offer house calls and virtual visits, and if you need other types of care such as physical therapy in your home, the team can provide referrals and coordinate that care.

When should I arrange long-term care?

If you or someone you love is facing health difficulties related to aging, or you simply want to plan for the future, long-term care can help you to be in control of the situation. This is far better than scrambling for help when problems arise and not knowing what to do.

House Call Doctors of Pacific Northwest PLLC brings medical care to the patient, wherever they may be. So, if you or a loved one moves to a long-term care facility, the team can continue to manage their medical needs. 

The team listens to patients, pays attention to their needs, and makes sure that every patient is involved in their own care. All of these things combine to provide exemplary care for geriatric patients.

To schedule a long-term care consultation, call the House Call Doctors of Pacific Northwest PLLC office nearest to you or click on the online appointment maker now.